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Who is Dave?

Dave Allen

I am your Coach.
My name is Dave I coach because coaching has been a powerful force in my life. With the support of my coach, I moved from a life lived to measure up to standards of success set by others to a life lived by my own measures of success. The result has been that I now live, work and play at the intersection of my strongest skills and talents, what I love to do and what I believe I was born to do. It is a joyful, rewarding and sweet place to be.

I feel productive and successful. There is an ease to my work and my life. Others recognize the value of what I do. My life, as a result, is generally filled with peace, creativity and love. At the end of each day I can measure my success for the day by affirmatively answering the following questions;

I believe part of my life's work is assisting men to find fulfillment and healing in their lives, with a special emphasis on their erotic lives. As a coach, trainer and workshop facilitator, I honor this belief and the values that support it.

I am also an instructor for the Body Electric School because I believe the work they offer has the capacity to dramatically alter a man's relationship to his body. Body Electric work gave me the capacity to love my body, as it is, in a way that ripples into other parts of my life . In loving my body, I have changed the way I live.

My values include fun and play, achievement, living with openness, integrity and honesty, asking for what I want, generosity and spirituality. I am compassionate, inspiring, supportive, non-shaming, and open hearted.

Family is an important of how I identify and I am fortunate to have families of birth and choice that I love and who love me. We support and sustain each other and find great joy in spending time together.

Spirituality finding expression in my life in unexpected ways. As I have explored eastern thought and belief including Tantra and Buddhism I have found deeper connection and different access to the spiritual tradition of my early years (Christianity in the Mormon tradition). Earlier this year I created a workshop for Body Electric's Spirit and Eros Weekend called "Passion for Living: An Embodied Exploration of the Christian Passion Story". We spent the weekend complete, whole, sacred gay men experiencing the Easter story with and through our bodies - including our erotic bodies. This experience feels like a beginning rather than complete. Stay tuned for where this may lead.

My vision is a world of men who love themselves and lead lives of integrity, are comfortable with their desires and exercise their passions. In loving their complete self, including their erotic self, they create deep, intense, loving connections with self and those they call buddy, friend, partner, family and community. The impact of these connections ripples out to all mankind and this planet we all share.

As a gay man, I find particular affinity for coaching members of my own tribe but welcome all.

I believe that gay men have had and need to reclaim a role in the human family that is powerful, unique and necessary. Assisting gay men find their unique ability to contribute is part of my work. With a group of other like minded gay coaches we have formed an alliance called The Gay Coaches. We envision a world of successful, empowered, passionate gay men, may of whom are coaches and that all gay men have coaches.

If you would like to explore the possibilities coaching may create in your life, please contact me. I would be delighted to talk with you about your journey.

"A warrior's life is not about imagined perfection or victory it is about love. Love is the warrior's sword wherever it cuts it gives life, not death."
- Dan Millman, Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Why hire me as your coach?

I take a real interest in you, your life and your progress.

I welcome any area of your life that you wish to explore. Together we can identify ways to increase you satisfaction with any area of your life.

I believe that each of us has been blessed with a life that can be everything we want it to be and more. I love what I do and am skilled at it.